BTS (방탄소년단) 'Savage Love' (Laxed - Siren Beat) [BTS Remix] Lyric Video

1 okt 2020
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  • Love yourself Relay #13.

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  • BTS (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

    Sara BanSara Ban2 minutit tagasi
  • i love how jungkook sang it, jason's voice was very annoying

    Ma. Danielle PejiMa. Danielle Peji3 minutit tagasi
  • I love youu kookie

    sofia ciminisofia cimini4 minutit tagasi
  • How this remix is way more better than the original. 😭

    Sinda DjebiSinda Djebi4 minutit tagasi
  • Bts is the best.

    Sinda DjebiSinda Djebi5 minutit tagasi
  • Hiiii

    Daiane LeiteDaiane Leite6 minutit tagasi
  • BTS

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  • Plastik

    A N D H I N IA N D H I N I8 minutit tagasi
  • Savage Love

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  • saranghae ARMY

    Leah GantonLeah Ganton10 minutit tagasi
  • So cute

    อวย เมนอวย เมน10 minutit tagasi
  • I love Yoogi's part sooo much!

    ShioriShiori10 minutit tagasi
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Heloiza army bilnk BtsHeloiza army bilnk Bts12 minutit tagasi
  • Hey ARMY's Please do not stream Savage Love by Jason anymore he has used BTS just for his fame. Keep streaming Dynamite and Blueberry eyes. Lets pretend there's no song called savage love and nothing like that exists. I'm thirsty for his reaction when Savage Love does not come first 😉 Lets trust Halsey Max and BTS and never even talk about Jason so he gets extint.

    Sam Wolfy gamerSam Wolfy gamer15 minutit tagasi
  • 한국인 👇 👇 (구걸이라고생각하셨다면ㅈㅅ)

    YouTube[루이널]YouTube[루이널]15 minutit tagasi
  • Tydack kemren huuu

    R4h4yu N.SR4h4yu N.S15 minutit tagasi
  • you put the tik tok song in the background hahahaha I liked it keep it up❤

    Pikachu Kawaii 'w'Pikachu Kawaii 'w'17 minutit tagasi

    bangtan armybangtan army17 minutit tagasi
  • صباحكم اجمل بثين من اجمل شخصين

    Jin hit Labels الخراميز اجود انواع الارميزJin hit Labels الخراميز اجود انواع الارميز20 minutit tagasi
    • وين ما اروح الاقيكي

      ZAHRA ALBANZAHRA ALBAN5 minutit tagasi
  • Many comments here are toxic(•‿•)

    It's MeIt's Me24 minutit tagasi
  • The thing is immaculate....even the American artists can't deny the fact that they are unemployed , because BTS is breaking records, so they are not even asked about. Haha, everyone knows BTS has ended every artist's career with Jason being one. Dat's why he took all the credit so he can survive this pandemic

    Savage PiyuSavage Piyu25 minutit tagasi
  • Savege love Did someday did somebody Melt my ♥

    Sultana KhanomSultana Khanom25 minutit tagasi
  • JASON, if you're seeing this. Be like MAX and his wife. They love BTS coz they are caring and honest not like you using them to get famous. How dare you used us army's and BTS to get famous and didn't even dare to mention BTS who is behind all your success

  • We need to make 'BE' a MASSIVE HIT,, pls pre-order, buy on iTunes when it comes out, stream on spotify and apple music, do whatever you can but don't pressure yourself into spending if you can't afford

    stayarmycarat btskzsvtstayarmycarat btskzsvt29 minutit tagasi
  • ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ ♡♡ -أرمي للأبد- ♡♡ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    أرمي للأبد BTS ARMYأرمي للأبد BTS ARMY29 minutit tagasi
  • Guys it shouldnt bother us that Jason used BTS for clout. He will learn his lesson, keep streaming this and appreciate JK, Yoongi and Hobi. They are more important to us than him.I know it's sad there are a very few artists who really want to know these 7 lovely people and not use their fandom.

    Aadhya ShenoyAadhya Shenoy32 minutit tagasi
  • I don’t know why when I hear Jungkook’s voice, I feel that I want to cry, but I can't. This feeling hurts me so much.😓Is it permissible because his voice is so beautiful that I feel crying

    •ARMY _forever••ARMY _forever•32 minutit tagasi
  • Any one heared of a *c l o u t c h a s e r* ? Important: *im not talking about BTS 💜*

    • Lou •• Lou •34 minutit tagasi
  • Dont worry fellow armys we can do anything if we r together... our boys will surely get the fame which they deserve...

    gurpreet kaurgillgurpreet kaurgill37 minutit tagasi
  • ini karna bts not jason derulo

    Cristia LidyaCristia Lidya40 minutit tagasi
  • Savage love

    Aymen SeddikiAymen Seddiki40 minutit tagasi
  • Btss

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  • The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.

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  • 100M Fighting Army !

    Akshra SinghAkshra Singh44 minutit tagasi

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  • Jason Derulo *i n t e r e s s e i r o*

    ᴍɪʟʟʏ ツᴍɪʟʟʏ ツ48 minutit tagasi
  • Whoever edited this is extremely talented :DDDDDD

    MinYoongis CatMinYoongis Cat48 minutit tagasi
  • This remix is way more better than original

    Hobi love SpriteHobi love Sprite52 minutit tagasi
  • here only for bts💜💜💜

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  • JungKookie 😭

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  • 63 640

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  • اكو عرب

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    • في كل مكان ^_^

      Jeon DanyaJeon Danya34 minutit tagasi
    • اكيد

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  • BTS MAKE IT BETTER:) NO HATE FOR @Jason derulo

    Zainab TaanZainab Taan55 minutit tagasi
  • i love bts

    Leah Cim MalateLeah Cim Malate57 minutit tagasi
  • جمالهم

    hfdy Werlhfdy WerlTund tagasi
  • Oosh NZ❤❤

    cup_of _taecup_of _taeTund tagasi
  • *Pls tell me i'm not the only one who's still mad that the Derulo guy didn't give BTS proper credits, they're literally the reason why this song reached #1 in HOT 100*

    Aki de GuzmanAki de GuzmanTund tagasi
  • Popular Opinion: this vrsionis way better than original.

    Moon-_-SugarMoon-_-SugarTund tagasi
  • This lyric video has more views than the actual MV 😂

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  • ادماااااان

    - سڪࢪ - سڪࢪ- سڪࢪ - سڪࢪTund tagasi
  • I just found out the only reason you're asking bts to collab, is to get back on billboard's No.1... Usually bts would never, would never even care but baby armies are savage, you feel it in the air.

    Anuosha IrfanAnuosha IrfanTund tagasi

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  • C A K E P.....👍🏻 M A N T A P...👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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  • Thank you

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  • I Love You BTS

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  • BTS!!!!Amo esse início!!!

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  • 65M today♡

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  • When your original song could not reach hot #1 and there is bts and army took it..and you did'nt give them any credits... also you call them massive kpop group... really man😕

    Hobi love SpriteHobi love SpriteTund tagasi
  • لو كانو يعرفو انو هيستغلهم مكنوش عملو تعاون معاه تف 🌬️

    اشغال يدويه وإعادة تدويراشغال يدويه وإعادة تدويرTund tagasi
  • Why don't you speak Korean? BTS is a Korean idol. I don't have a Korean accent. So I'm very sad now.

    꼬라보누뭘꼬라보누뭘Tund tagasi
  • Jungkook un ağzı yamulmuş skesjakbskanajakqnwjejnekaka

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  • Bagus banget suaranya 😭

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  • صوت كو ك 🐰🥺 ارمي من لبنان 🇱🇧

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  • omg , loved this song ^^

  • I will 👍 & stream after 1 year

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  • Fool Jason

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  • Savage Love

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    • 😳

      • Lou •• Lou •31 minut tagasi
    • Jason who?

      • Lou •• Lou •31 minut tagasi
    • Jason delulu did lol, he's not gonna get one more song on nr 1

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  • Turkish Army

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  • هذا إبداع ♡_♡

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  • Tôi biết rằng comment này có lẽ sẽ nhiều ýkiến trái chiều nhưng tôi vẫn sẽ thành thật mà nói ra cảm nghĩ của mình rằng thực sự tôi chả thấy BTS hát hay nhảy đẹp ở đâu cả, nghe xong bản gốc rồi qua đây nghe thành thật tôi thấy BTS hát như kiểu sắp chảy nước đến nơi rồi ấy, thực sự đó, nghe mà sốt hết cả ruột, không phải là anti fan nên tôi mới comment thế đâu nhé, nhưng đây cảm nhận thật của tôi khi nghe BTS hát và đặt biệt là trong video này *chủ comment không nhận gạch, tôi cũng không mong mọi người đồng cảm nhưng đây là cảm nhận thật của tôi*

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    • Mỗi người có quan điểm âm nhạc khác nhau. Có thể bạn nói bài này không hay nhưng mình lại thấy hay bởi remix mới mẻ. Bạn cũng đừng nên cho rằng BTS chẳng hát hay hoặc nhảy đẹp( bạn có thể nói là không hợp gu thui) bởi vì một nhóm nhạc vừa hát vừa nhảy đã là một việc rất tuyệt vời rồi:)

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    • وانتي

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  • 이 노래 개좋아

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  • don’t you just want to 😡🤜 Jason Derulo

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  • I like this one much then the single one 🤩🤩

    ggukie's bae baeggukie's bae baeTund tagasi
  • i like yoongi and hobi's verse so smooth

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  • ILOVO YOU BTS😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰♥️♥️♥️

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  • LIKE if you HATE jason derulo

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