[BANGTAN BOMB] Concentrating on drawing JK - BTS (방탄소년단)

8 veebr 2019
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  • Woow Kookie ......😍😍😍😍

    BTS armyBTS army30 minutit tagasi
  • Wow jungkook 💜💜💜💜

    Amita ThapaAmita Thapa3 tundi tagasi
  • Yo digo: hay algo que este hombre no haga bien?

    La Que Ama A BangtanLa Que Ama A Bangtan12 tundi tagasi
  • Jungkook :*drawing* Me :*searches in google* how to be a pencil

    Nameetha SampathrajNameetha Sampathraj14 tundi tagasi
  • HwAnGaM mAkNaE... someone said..

    Anushka RahejaAnushka Raheja16 tundi tagasi
    • Ain't wrong tho...

      Anushka RahejaAnushka Raheja16 tundi tagasi
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Rajput HemanshiRajput Hemanshi17 tundi tagasi

    Ebrar yıldızEbrar yıldızPäev tagasi
  • wow.......❤️👍👍👍

    •Alya Batrisyia••Alya Batrisyia•Päev tagasi
  • Que assinatura e essa meu pai do céu

    •Kookie• UwU•Kookie• UwUPäev tagasi
  • Hii.. from India Nd now m taking screenshots of the drawing nd m gonna try the same

    #Vanshika Khetan##Vanshika Khetan#Päev tagasi
  • Wow, I can't imagine that jungjook can draw so awesome!!

    Shrabanti karShrabanti kar2 päeva tagasi
  • how

    Sydelle LíorSydelle Líor2 päeva tagasi
  • Even his recreated the paint but its still perfect for me😭

    Andi Yasnita TasyaAndi Yasnita Tasya2 päeva tagasi

    Cristal ValensiaCristal Valensia2 päeva tagasi
  • He is so talented! And that painting must cost a lot of money know!

    Azula MolinaAzula Molina2 päeva tagasi
  • Cutteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepieeeeeeeeeeeeeee💕❣️🥀❣️💖💞❣️💖💞❤️❣️💗💓🧡💖💞❣️💗💞💗❣️❣️💖💗❤️💓💝💝💝💝💝💗💞💗💖💖💗❤️❣️💖❤️❣️❣️💗❣️💖💖💖💕💕💕💕🥀🥀🥀🥀❣️💖💞💞☺️❤️💗💗💗💗💋💓💓💓💓💓💓💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

    Unicorn GirlUnicorn Girl3 päeva tagasi
  • The army painter

    Hanif RahmansyahHanif Rahmansyah3 päeva tagasi
  • sometimes I watch this type of video and remembered why Jungkook is my bias.

    yeontan's rawryeontan's rawr3 päeva tagasi
  • What is the name of the song?

    Serdar ArvisSerdar Arvis3 päeva tagasi
  • i could watch him draw for days

    angel kooangel koo4 päeva tagasi
  • Wah jungkook oppa Daebak💜💜💜💜

    Viona DestiViona Desti4 päeva tagasi
  • Wow 👏👏👏😍

    Welligton IraneideWelligton Iraneide4 päeva tagasi
  • 정국의 정신

    Frelius KusumaFrelius Kusuma5 päeva tagasi
  • me gusto omg pinta bien chido ahhhhh :3 lo amo

  • وااااو ماشاءالله مبدعه ♥♥

    aa123456aa aa123456aaaa123456aa aa123456aa5 päeva tagasi
  • Bunny cute💜💜💜i love bts💜🇮🇷

    Yasaman ZoliYasaman Zoli5 päeva tagasi
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰

    zarina Osman-oglizarina Osman-ogli5 päeva tagasi
  • he is very cute

    Elif AkgünElif Akgün5 päeva tagasi
  • He's so cute when he laugh 😍 He's always cute ☺

    AashiAashi6 päeva tagasi
  • Brawo👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Jungkookun HavucuJungkookun Havucu6 päeva tagasi
  • Can I know what did he draw? 😅

    Jessinta SilvaJessinta Silva6 päeva tagasi
  • The cute cookie 😊 and handsome illustrator 👨‍🎨

    الزهراء جاسم الرجيبيةالزهراء جاسم الرجيبية6 päeva tagasi
  • Jungkook 's Drawing is so Nice ,Cool ,Colourful and Awesome I purple 💜u Jungkook

    Aludra ShadhaaAludra Shadhaa6 päeva tagasi
  • The only thing jungkook cannot do is "loose"

    Murdering BtshatersMurdering Btshaters6 päeva tagasi
  • BTS try not to be perfect at EVERYTHING challenge failed

    Aisha AzizAisha Aziz7 päeva tagasi
  • Aww golden maknae🐇💖😇💜💜💜💜

    adinda sangrianiARMYadinda sangrianiARMY7 päeva tagasi
  • Wait... It's sooo damn real.....he is perfect in every single thing...

    Sujata krSujata kr7 päeva tagasi
  • BANGTANTV:- Concentrating on JK's drawing ARMY:- Concentrating on Jungkook being Jungshook Me:- 3:13 "Elmaria Jin~ Elmaria Jin~"😂😂💜💜💜💜

    srilatha molugurisrilatha moluguri7 päeva tagasi
  • Wow I love this painting jungkook

    Rukhsana AnjumRukhsana Anjum7 päeva tagasi
  • 😍💜😍💜😍💜😍💜😍💜😍💜😍💜

    Stepi MiStepi Mi7 päeva tagasi

    Maria luiza De FaveriMaria luiza De Faveri7 päeva tagasi
  • Brasil precisa de Jeon jungkook urgentemente 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Maria luiza De FaveriMaria luiza De Faveri7 päeva tagasi
  • Artista!!!! ❤️

    Raissa PereiraRaissa Pereira7 päeva tagasi
  • كيووووت

    wife Taehyungwife Taehyung7 päeva tagasi
  • 보는 내내 설레이는건 왜인지ㅎ 정국이~💜 의 재능이 부럽 ㅋ

    탄이탄이열매탄이탄이열매7 päeva tagasi
  • What a talented artist such a pretty painting Bye jk

    vilas manevilas mane7 päeva tagasi
  • I love u BTS

    Manisha GunjalManisha Gunjal8 päeva tagasi
  • A masterpiece sketching another masterpiece💜💜💜

    Madhura GhatoleMadhura Ghatole8 päeva tagasi

    Azian MoratoAzian Morato8 päeva tagasi
  • He's so perfect💜

    BTS ARMYBTS ARMY8 päeva tagasi
  • why is this man so talented?!

    Alutfia ShintaAlutfia Shinta8 päeva tagasi

    Indah Sari SitorusIndah Sari Sitorus8 päeva tagasi
  • Go to 5,8M

    Марат ГатауллинМарат Гатауллин8 päeva tagasi
  • Go to 5,9M

    Марат ГатауллинМарат Гатауллин8 päeva tagasi
  • Go to 6M

    Марат ГатауллинМарат Гатауллин8 päeva tagasi
  • Go to 800k LIKES

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  • i like to watch for this simple things like this

    Ксения КузьминаКсения Кузьмина9 päeva tagasi
  • waw jungkook

    oppa myoppa my9 päeva tagasi
  • 1 Hours Untill 'BE'!

  • :O :O :O I have nothing to say. This is amazing. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Yare RoseYare Rose10 päeva tagasi
  • Não tem nada que ele não saiba fazer

    jungkook vocalsjungkook vocals10 päeva tagasi
  • This man has talents wow I always wanted to paint this well as Jk but I can’t

    Emile LavezzariEmile Lavezzari10 päeva tagasi
  • nice jk i like that's

    mohammad syaifullah talibmohammad syaifullah talib10 päeva tagasi
  • I'm a actually a Painter and I appreciate and approve that this kind of painting can be done by only professionals!💜💜💜💜

    OT 7OT 710 päeva tagasi
  • I guess i found my drawing buddy!!😁😁💜💜

    Kareena NarayanKareena Narayan10 päeva tagasi
  • Indeed a golden maknae!!

    Ellaisa joy DomasianEllaisa joy Domasian10 päeva tagasi
  • just... amaziiinngggg

    joesh lozanojoesh lozano11 päeva tagasi
  • The best artist of the world is here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Diya YadavDiya Yadav11 päeva tagasi
  • He should paint the whole team all of BTS all 7

    Summer WindhamSummer Windham11 päeva tagasi
  • I'm sorry but blonde Jungkook is EVERYTHING that I need in my life.

    brendabrenda11 päeva tagasi
  • Just- HOW!?

    Nora NasonNora Nason11 päeva tagasi
  • Te amo 18/11/2020

    Bori BoriBori Bori11 päeva tagasi
  • Please Read carefully till last and Share Here are the timings for BTS’ New album ‘BE’ which will be released on November 20. The MV for the Title Track is called ‘Life Goes On’ Please note that these are the times of the capital’s of the mentioned countries & that (-) means behind Seoul. (+) means ahead of Seoul, South Korea. I double checked it but please if there’s a mistake do tell me. Spreading misinformation is way worse. “ 🇩🇿 Algeria: 6 AM / 6:00 (-8hrs) 🇦🇷 Argentina: 2AM/ 2:00 (-12hrs) 🇦🇺 Australia(Sydney/Canberra): 4 PM/ 16:00 (+2hrs) 🇧🇩 Bangladesh: 11 AM / 11:00 (-3hrs) 🇧🇪 Belgium: 6 AM / 6:00 (-8hrs) 🇧🇴 Bolivia: 1AM/ 1:00 (-13hrs) 🇧🇷 Brazil: 2AM/ 2:00 (-12hrs) 🇨🇦 Canada(Toronto/Ottawa): 12AM/00:00 (-14hrs) 🇰🇭 Cambodia: 12PM / 12:00 (-2hrs) 🇨🇱 Chile: 2AM/ 2:00 (-12hrs) 🇨🇴 Colombia: 12:00AM/ 00:00 (-14hrs) 🇩🇰 Denmark(Copenhagen):6AM / 6:00(-8hrs) 🇦🇪 U.A.E (Dubai): 9 AM/ 9:00 (-5hrs) 🇪🇨 Ecuador: 12AM/ 00:00 (-14hrs) 🇪🇬 Egypt: 7AM/ 7:00 (-7hrs) 🇫🇷 France: 6AM/ 6:00 (-8hrs) 🇬🇹 Guatemala: 11PM/ 23:00 (19 Nov/15 hrs behind Seoul, -15 hrs) 🇩🇪 Germany: 6AM / 6:00 (-8hrs) 🇭🇰 Hong Kong: 1PM/ 13:00 (-1hr) 🇭🇺 Hungary: 6 AM / 6:00 (-8hrs) 🇮🇳 India: 10:30 AM/ 10:30 (-3:30hrs) 🇮🇩 Indonesia(Jakarta): 12PM / 12:00(-2hrs) 🇮🇷 Iran: 8:30 AM / 8:30 (-5:30 hrs) 🇮🇶 Iraq: 8AM/ 8:00 (-6hrs) 🇮🇹 Italy: 6AM/ 6:00 (-8hrs) 🇯🇵 Japan: 2PM / 14:00 (=) 🇰🇿 Kazakhstan: 11AM/ 11:00 (-3hrs) 🇲🇾 Malaysia: 1 PM / 13:00 (-1hr) 🇲🇽 Mexico: 11 PM/ 23:00 (19Nov in Mexico, 15 hrs behind seoul,-15hrs) 🇲🇦 Morocco: 6AM/ 6:00 (-8hrs) 🇲🇲 Myanmar: 11:30AM/ 11:30 (-2:30hrs) 🇳🇵 Nepal: 10:45 AM / 10:45 (-3:15) 🇳🇱 Netherlands: 6AM/ 6:00 (-8hrs) 🇵🇰 Pakistan: 10AM / 10:00 (-4hrs) 🇵🇪 Peru: 12 AM/ 00:00 (-14hrs) 🇵🇭 Philippines: 1 PM / 13:00 (-1hr) 🇵🇱 Poland: 6AM/ 6:00 (-8hrs) 🇵🇹 Portugal: 5AM/ 5:00 (-9hrs) 🇷🇴 Romania: 7AM / 7:00 (-7hrs) 🇷🇺 Russia: 8AM/ 8:00 (-6hrs) 🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia: 8 AM/ 8:00 (-6hrs) 🇸🇬 Singapore: 1PM / 13:00 (-1hr) 🇿🇦 South Africa(Cape Town): 7 AM/ 7:00 (-7hrs) 🇰🇷 South Korea: 2PM / 14:00 (=) 🇪🇸 Spain: 6AM / 6:00(-8hrs) 🇱🇰 Sri Lanka: 10:30 AM / 10:30(-3:30hrs) 🇹🇼 Taiwan: 1PM/ 13:00 (-1hr) 🇹🇭 Thailand: 12 PM / 12:00(-2hrs) 🇹🇳 Tunisia: 6AM/ 6:00 (-8hrs) 🇹🇷 Turkey: 8 AM / 8:00(-6hrs) 🇬🇧 UK: 5AM / 5:00 (-9hrs) 🇺🇦 Ukraine: 7AM/ 7:00 (7hrs) 🇺🇸 USA: 12 AM/ 00:00 (-14hrs) 🇻🇳 Vietnam: 12 PM / 12:00 (-2hrs)” Also, this isn't mine. I just shared it. Credits to the owner. :)

    Nora NasonNora Nason11 päeva tagasi
  • I want to hug him please 😭💜

    Good girlGood girl11 päeva tagasi
  • Our talented boy💜

    Mohi JMohi J11 päeva tagasi
  • Who can't ignore his cute bunny face..❤️❤️❤️

    Vaishali HoleVaishali Hole11 päeva tagasi
  • Jk look so cute 😍😍..it's like bangtantv..jk concentrat on drawing..and Army concentrat on jk👍👍

    Vaishali HoleVaishali Hole11 päeva tagasi
  • ano nga ba kasing genes meron ka eka nga ni Rap Mon hyung!!!🤣 Gusto ko makuha ng magiging baby natin yan haaaaa HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA

    Noah CaratingNoah Carating11 päeva tagasi
  • Teacher : What is the definition of perfect ??? Me: Jungkook (kookie)🐰🐰🐰💜😍☺😘🤗☺😍☺☺💜 ~INDIAN ARMY Here 💜💜☺☺

    Bunny kookie is my lifeBunny kookie is my life11 päeva tagasi
  • Waw 😮😮😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🙆👰👰❤❤❤💋💋❤💋👅👅👅👅💋

    tata bts bouchitata bts bouchi11 päeva tagasi
  • Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww بجنن رسمك جونغوك رسمك خطير انا بحب كتير هيك رسم ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Fatmah Abu JumahFatmah Abu Jumah12 päeva tagasi
  • why I got some here, but we don't remember girl, I'm coming here, home, Samsung themselves working for

    Kristy SalvadorKristy Salvador12 päeva tagasi
  • I would like them to raffle it 🥺💜

    Juquila ReyesJuquila Reyes12 päeva tagasi
  • Taehyung: jungkook is someone with above average basics in everything RM: i really want to know whats in his gene💜

    vaidehi poojavaidehi pooja12 päeva tagasi
  • ぼらへ💜

    lσνє*** SUGAlσνє*** SUGA12 päeva tagasi
  • مشاء الله

    #Min Ayo#Min Ayo12 päeva tagasi
    • عربب

      Besho sanBesho san12 päeva tagasi
    • عربب

      Besho sanBesho san12 päeva tagasi
  • Jk Drawing is ....😍😍

    KiRaN DaNgWaLKiRaN DaNgWaL12 päeva tagasi
  • Wowwww

    KiRaN DaNgWaLKiRaN DaNgWaL12 päeva tagasi
  • اول كلمي قالها جونكوك طلعت متل كانو عم يقول آخ

    Amal MinawiAmal Minawi12 päeva tagasi
    • اي فعلا قال اه😂🤡

      Besho sanBesho san12 päeva tagasi
  • Jk is an angelic talented man....he is very gifted

    ArmyBTSJDMArmyBTSJDM12 päeva tagasi
  • Was🤩😘

    dynamitedynamite12 päeva tagasi
  • 🥰🤩💜💜💜💜💜jungkookieeeeee

    Rekha DevidasRekha Devidas13 päeva tagasi
  • I'm not a pro but yeah drawing is my hobby... He was using his small finger to lift up his hand slightly to run the brush smoothly just like me... 😀 Btw if anyone is interested I have drawn beautiful portrait of BTS members, do check my insta profile @fatimaalishaot7 ❤️❤️❤️

    Alisha fatimaAlisha fatima13 päeva tagasi
  • 나는 정국을 사랑❤️💜

    Bong GirlBong Girl13 päeva tagasi
  • Junkok que hermoso 🇵🇪

    adriana paquiyauriadriana paquiyauri13 päeva tagasi
  • Depois falam que não existem pessoas perfeita esse vídeo prova que existe sim ♥️

    B•Army CuteB•Army Cute13 päeva tagasi
  • 😍😍😍😍

    Mehak KaushikMehak Kaushik13 päeva tagasi
  • jk 💖😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Raga SeadRaga Sead13 päeva tagasi
  • 지니어스

    하하하하하하13 päeva tagasi
  • Jungkook trying to draw a masterpiece, Me trying to draw jungkook

    Srushti KhandekarSrushti Khandekar13 päeva tagasi