BTS (방탄소년단) Speech at the 75th UN General Assembly

23 sept 2020
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2018년에 이어 두 번째로 유엔 총회에 초대된 방탄소년단은 이번 영상에서 ‘자신을 사랑하자’는 지난 ‘LOVE MYSELF’의 연장선상에서 절망에서 벗어나 서로를 향한 따뜻한 연대로 ‘다시 새로운 세상을 살아가자’는 메시지를 전 세계에 전했습니다.
Following their first invitation to the UN General Assembly in 2018, BTS returned to build on their previous message of “LOVE MYSELF” to impart for 2020 a message of “Let’s live on in a new world”, breaking free from despair and supporting one another in warm solidarity.

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  • Let's Live on 💜 Wow I got goosebumps 🌟Thank you Bts for everything 💜🌈

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  • Okay I've been doing my modules and we have an activity where if i will deliver a nation speech what would I say as a student... and i remembered this. This one inspired me a lot so I want to used it to also inspire others. No I'm not plagiarizing I just love the thoughts.....

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  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭❣❣❣❤💜❤❤💜💗💗

  • That was beautifully said. Well done BTS for never failing to spread love and happiness in the world. You all are truly gems in this era. We love you BTS💜

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  • no one : me :crying while watching there speech.

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  • Yes, Life gose on ,Life live on 사랑 함니다 엎파..❤❤ love u from Bangladesh..

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  • Kim namjoon 2020😘💖

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  • كلامهم رائع كون يصيرون حكام العراق الارميز العراقي

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  • Jk

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  • RM is a true inspiration

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  • شكرا لكم حقا على كل شئ💜😭

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  • BTS is seriously revolutionary.

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  • Why did i cry- this is so beautiful .💜

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  • احبككمممممممممممممممم😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ohh!!damn V taehyung voice is like honey

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  • I literally cannot stop crying

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  • U guys giving me strength to fight love u guys💜

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  • Words at the top. you are the best bts❤👏

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  • Love my self.....

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  • Thank you for being our strength always. ❤️

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  • Words that i never hear from my family is : we will be there with you. 💜BTS WILL BE THERE WITH YOU💜

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  • قسم بالله مافهمت شيTvT

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  • I'm so grateful that I found BTS . I've changed so much. I think differently from before . All thanks to them. In this pandemic too they didn't leave us alone. I don't know how to thank them. They have changed the lives of so many people. They don't deserve any hate.

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  • this was just so sweet! bts is the only group i know that helps kids like me, my stepdad always shouts at me and it sometimes gives me thoughts of harm. But slowly bts saved me from that, and i don't have those thoughts anymore!

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  • Life goes on✨

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  • Thank you BTS 💜 for always being there for army...... You all were the only reason why I smiled 😊 in lockdown..... Thank you for always bringing happiness to Everyone 💜 Love you BTS 💜

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  • bts never fails to make everybody feel better periodt.

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  • all you can say is wow

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  • " If I Give Up I won't Be the Star Of My Life. This Is What an Awesome Person do " -Kim Taehyung.

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  • Legends

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  • Can I ask why is this vid so underrated? Only 16 lakh likes? Why?

  • Rm: does speech Me: why is rm is the only person speck English in this

    Pjh5 plays RobloxPjh5 plays Roblox4 päeva tagasi
    • Because he can speak perfect english ! And other members are doing their best in learning English ... They let RM speak English because he can explain and express the feelings in english also ... And it's uncomfortable for other members to express their true message and feelings in english so they are speaking Korean !

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  • Be better 2020: um coved-19 so Me: whyyyyyyyyy I don’t speak jappness plz speak English I know you speak jappness

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  • Los amo demasiado son mi mayor alegria

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  • Los amooooo

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  • ♡♡♡♡너무 잘 듣고 갑니다!! bts 너무 멋져요!!!!

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  • 彼らは美しいセクシーなjungkookです😘ホットな男

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  • Seeing this for the 100th time

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  • I really appreciate their speech and BTS’s voices always somehow encourage people 💜

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  • Love yourself,speak yourself, find yourself, face yourself 😔😞😖🙁😭😢

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  • 😍

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  • 5:44

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  • Indeed,,, BTS' speech is truly inspiring and uplifting😊 Definitely this group/band is a great role model of today's generation... POWERFUL MESSAGE🥰

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  • I love every word the say

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  • I was having a mental breakdown and I got a notification of this video. The messages they're conveying and the feeling they're talking about is so relatable. Pandemic has been extremely tough for all of us but these are the times when we have to try and stay strong. Seek help if necessary, take a break from the hectic online classes and assignments, talk to loved ones and get quality sleep because mental health is the most important thing and many people don't understand it. I'm so glad BTS is conveying such inspiring message, I will forever be grateful and proud to say that I'm an Army! My idols don't just make the best music but also talk about serious things like mental health and sanity at difficult times like these :")💜

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  • bts please come kurdistan

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  • ❤🤪l Love you Bts

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  • 💝💝💝💝💝

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  • 😘😍😘

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  • How can anyone hate a band that light up the room with their life-loving, inspirational, "self love" message and positive energy??? They landed their first #1 single on the U.S billboards. They don't even speak English! Selling out Arenas all over the world. THESE BOYS ARE LITERALLY doing the unimageable... Because of them... there is more Asian representation in pop culture. Before it was literally just Jackie Chan. lol. I read that they spent years in grueling studio systems learning to sing and dance in synchronized perfection and i can totally see that. Their videos and performances are insane! Please list rappers that can rap AND dance as well as the rappers in this group. After discovering BTS, i cant even watch other artist's videos or performances, BTS .. they are just in a league of their own. I STAN

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  • Bts is the best Gallardo6 päeva tagasi
  • This is why I love them. This is why.

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  • I like suga💖😘😘😘❤️

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  • Que cajaros fue lo que los ofendió a los condenados chinos???😤😤😤

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  • 대단합니당 방탄

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  • So, nobody talking about China?

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    • @Nobody Cares I know the issue and rm didnt mention china for them to get hurt, its them being unreasonable and its more haters not C-armys.

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    • @hanana na they said that army on china mad because of something from this speech

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    • why should we ??? its something between ppl from other countries and not our place to talk about and tbh it doesnt make any sense to me cuz no one mentioned them in first place so ... there is no reason to talk about it

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  • I'm gonna cry so hard if it's true that Namjoon really have a wife 😭

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  • my heart broke into a million pieces. I miss them so much. When we miss bts we watch videos , concerts and shows. But when bts misses us , what do they do?😭

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  • Excellent address to the UN and the world.

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  • Eu amo o vídeo deles sou fã

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  • Lifekozon

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  • Dear dislikers tell the Army that what is it exactly that you didn't like about this video??? Seriously they all are so inspiring💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 and yet haters hate.....🤨

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  • جنة GANAجنة GANA8 päeva tagasi
  • ❤هل من ارمي عربي هنا❤

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  • -Namjoon , our best leader , always comforts us armys when we are going through hard time -Seokjin , our comedian , the eldest member , who always make us laugh when we needed him , he was there♡ -Yoongi , who wrote meaningful lyrics , a talented producer and rapper , i love u meowmeow♡ -Hobi , our sunshine , He's basically ARMY's happiness ♡. -Jiminie , our little angel , his words always keep us safe and he's such an amazing person♡ -Taetae , our baby bear , little tiger , who wants us to love ALL THE SEVEN MEMBERS EQUALLY cus he was being mistreated and it honestly hurts my heart , this pure little baby get hates for no reasons at all...we love u taetae , u were there when we needed u the most and you'll always be with us . -Kookie , who always made us laugh , his hyungs laugh , imitate everyone 🥺 , our baby bunny 🥺 , I love u . These seven members , ARMYs will always be here for you , we know u guys went through a lot , got so much hate got no reason , got accused of plagiarism and etc . Dear army , I've been an army since Not today era , I know we could be toxic sometimes but yall are the best , helped me with my homeworks , talk with me when i'm bored , does pranks with bts , we are a big family who always protect bts ♡♡♡ I luv them , if it weren't for BTS and Army , I don't think I am still alive , u guys helped me through my depression , the only fandom who does 600+ charities event , match a million with bts for BLM , Armys , I love us . 💜

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  • This is so sweet and it really made my day. Excuse me while i go cry

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  • I love them so much!

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  • suga

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  • thank you

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  • Y’all I can’t stop telling myself to not cry 😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺☮️☮️❤️

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  • جالب

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    • آنچه خوبان همه دارن تویک جاداری❤️💍👑

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  • the way namjoon ended his speech with the lyrics of Tomorrow, i love them🥺💜

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  • China thinks because they say something is over is over hahaha who they think they are, RM would never say anything to hurt others, fact is history can NOT be change just because they decided to forget, I'm glad Korea was able to make their own alphabet and stop using Chinese characters and have their own identity! Is something to be very proud of

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  • Namjoon for president 2020

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  • I love Jimin 🙈❤️

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  • ♡자랑스럽다

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  • I love bts .im 42 years old from the philippines.

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  • Absolutely amazing speeches from all of them they have encouraged me to keep on trying to live for me to imagine all the possibilities thank you BTS for letting me see that even in the darkest of nights there are seven stars so bright Without BTS and without army and without my family and friends I truly would be feeling alone but I’m glad I have those people in my life to comfort me and let me know it’ll be OK I didn’t wanna cry today but they made me cry

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  • Love yooooouuuu

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  • I do the same as Taehyung. When I'm insecure or unhappy about myself, or what's going on, I create to do lists, and think about who I am, and how I can improve who I am mentally. It's really helped since lockdown, and I am definitely a lot more stable than I would be otherwise. Edit: Kim Namjoon 2020!!

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  • I fell out of my chair when Namjoon Said he was a Global Citizen ,so I can already know that they are setting a New world order agenda 😑😑😑

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