[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) @ 2019 KBS 가요대축제

1 okt 2020
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  • i remember when we saw their outfits,we lost it

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  • Jimin telling the fans and staff to get home safe....such a sweetheart 🥺❤

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  • why would you censor a cat yawning bighit?

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  • I love you ♥️💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜♥️ 🖤♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜🙂🙃

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  • 4:01 Hi can anyone help me to translate what does the staff noona said to Namjoon? I a Namjoon enthusiast but I don't understand Korean very well 🥺

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  • How they cares about army☺️💜

  • I would have loved to see Hobi in his suspenders

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  • They're all so sweet!

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  • Seandainya

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  • Only BTS can dance the whole performance in pyjamas.

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  • To tell the truth... Me when look at : 1. Jk: feel happy (beyond words) and extremely excited 2. Jimin: feel like if I could once pull his cheeks 3. RM: yo 🤟 4. Jin : W.W.H 5. J hope: If could once rap with him 6. Suga: wanna meet with him 7. V( most imp): I become very serious ..when I look at him I think I should keep every step thinking🤣🤣🤣🤣...it reminds me of my maths teacher ( strict)yet love you lot...♥️♥️♥️♥️

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  • They had the audacity to hide Yoongi's face while yawning

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  • BTS: Worrying about the armys that stayed late The armys that would get hit by a bus and thrown off a cliff just to see them live: 👁👄👁

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  • Love 💕 you bts forever specailly v

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  • I’m a new army,am so glad because i become one of this world but in the same time am so sad cause i wasn’t knowing anything about BTS. It was accidentally i saw their videos and i couldn’t differentiate between them but i can’t forget Jin's smile it’s made me searching about him then i into to this world and i will never leave it. I love bts as my family,i love army as my friends, am really so proud with you are.🥺💜✨

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  • V is looking so cute💜💜 👇

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  • Armii forever

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  • Meus motivos de rir todos os dia te amo bts

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  • Hobi is like commander, please order me too😍😍

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  • I just realize I overload this video, what a waste 😂

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  • Jimin is such a sweetheart ❤😍

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  • يجمالهم

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  • بوس لفريق بي تي اس

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  • 2:30 namjoon just set me in fire.... 😰

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  • 우리는 너무 귀엽다💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️ BTSS

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  • Wait wha.. little meow meow ripped his vest because of his back muscles..😳

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  • 정국이가 우리만의 추억이라고 말한 이유.. 이 날 완전 오래 했다고 했나

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  • 4:58 jimin is so kind.

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  • Army: Love you BTS

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  • BTS's upcoming album 'BE' will be released on November 20th! MV will be released on 2PM KST, 0AM EST..Get ready!

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  • Hermosos jajajja yo quiero estar ay para poder verlos😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  • "you are my hope i am your hope i am j-hope " clicking selfies

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  • When no puedes ver videos por la tarea hasta dos semanas después de que la terminas 👁💧👄💧👁

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  • Just imagine if they said we are going to India next week 😱😱

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  • Rm and jimin looking meal tho 😭😂

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  • اكو شي اذا ما نشرو BTS ما اخلي الة 👍👍👍 اصلن اني اول وحدة اخلي اعجاب ههههههه

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  • I tried their stretching exercises and i almost broke my arms wtf

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    • Me toooooooo

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  • bts please come kurdistan

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  • Love you Tae tae

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  • So no one noticed Namjoon's little eyebrow lift at 0:33 while looking at jin? It's kinda hot ngl

  • BTS^_^

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  • فخامه

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  • Waw gar bzann janda gizn viduo dlw nakam 😁🥺💔

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  • Wow, handsome.

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  • 🤩😍❤️amores da minha vida

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  • *BTS new album will be releasing on the 20th of November at 2pm kst/12am est!*

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  • Eles falando:a Eu: :) claroh concordo plenamente :)

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  • Everyone: preparing for dionysus J- hope: taking selfies 😘

  • We love u BTS team😍😍😍

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  • 8:03 that girl at background with jk 😄😄 junkook looks so cute while doing that thing with tissue paper 🥰🥰

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  • 7:34 can someone please tell me which song is that playing in the background(girl voice) song name please

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  • 6:08 awwwww

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  • They are really. Specially in the end part of this video. Hehehe

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  • V was holding iPhone📱 that why they can't show us lol😂🤣

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  • 방핰ㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅋㅋㅋㅌㅌㅌㅋㅋ 방탄소년단 하이 입니다 ㅋㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅋㅋㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아 이게 왜케 웃기지

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  • Happy birthday Jimin, I am the first girl to congratulate you on your birthday. I love you so much 

    aya kandilaya kandil14 päeva tagasi
  • thank you

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  • kim taehyung

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  • suga

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  • kim taehyung

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  • bts

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  • يمه فخامه

    JIMIN َJIMIN َ14 päeva tagasi
  • GRlRAN

    رهف الدوسريرهف الدوسري14 päeva tagasi
  • you guys are so ethereal

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  • BTS 💜🥺

    مَــلاڪ ،천사7⟭⟬ ̨مَــلاڪ ،천사7⟭⟬ ̨14 päeva tagasi
  • ARMY💜💜💜💜

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  • I love Jimin 🙈❤️

    •Харуко Сан• `DAWN`•Харуко Сан• `DAWN`14 päeva tagasi
  • Happy Birthday Park Jimin, I Love You Forever Jimin

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  • Happy birthday mochi ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ ʙɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ ᴍᴏᴄʜɪ ʰᵃᵖᵖʸ ᵇⁱʳᵗʰᵈᵃʸ ᵐᵒᶜʰⁱ ᕼᗩᑭᑭY ᗷIᖇTᕼᗪᗩY ᗰOᑕᕼI Ⓗ︎Ⓐ︎Ⓟ︎Ⓟ︎Ⓨ︎ Ⓑ︎Ⓘ︎Ⓡ︎Ⓣ︎Ⓗ︎Ⓓ︎Ⓐ︎Ⓨ︎ Ⓜ︎Ⓞ︎Ⓒ︎Ⓗ︎Ⓘ︎ 🅗︎🅐︎🅟︎🅟︎🅨︎ 🅑︎🅘︎🅡︎🅣︎🅗︎🅓︎🅐︎🅨︎ 🅜︎🅞︎🅒︎🅗︎🅘︎ h͜͡a͜͡p͜͡p͜͡y͜͡ b͜͡i͜͡r͜͡t͜͡h͜͡d͜͡a͜͡y͜͡ m͜͡o͜͡c͜͡h͜͡i͜͡ h̆̈ă̈p̆̈p̆̈y̆̈ b̆̈ĭ̈r̆̈t̆̈h̆̈d̆̈ă̈y̆̈ m̆̈ŏ̈c̆̈h̆̈ĭ̈ 🇭 🇦 🇵 🇵 🇾  🇧 🇮 🇷 🇹 🇭 🇩 🇦 🇾 🇲 🇴 🇨 🇭 🇮  🄷🄰🄿🄿🅈 🄱🄸🅁🅃🄷🄳🄰🅈 🄼🄾🄲🄷🄸 🅷︎🅰︎🅿︎🅿︎🆈︎ 🅱︎🅸︎🆁︎🆃︎🅷︎🅳︎🅰︎🆈︎ 🅼︎🅾︎🅲︎🅷︎🅸︎ 卄卂卩卩ㄚ 乃|尺ㄒ卄ᗪ卂ㄚ 爪ㄖ匚卄| h̾a̾p̾p̾y̾ b̾i̾r̾t̾h̾d̾a̾y̾ m̾o̾c̾h̾i̾ h̥ͦḁͦp̥ͦp̥ͦy̥ͦ b̥ͦi̥ͦr̥ͦt̥ͦh̥ͦd̥ͦḁͦy̥ͦ m̥ͦo̥ͦc̥ͦh̥ͦi̥ͦ h͟a͟p͟p͟y͟ b͟i͟r͟t͟h͟d͟a͟y͟ m͟o͟c͟h͟i͟ ꀍꍏᖘᖘꌩ ꌃꀤꋪ꓄ꀍꀷꍏꌩ ꎭꂦꏳꀍꀤ h҉a҉p҉p҉y҉ b҉i҉r҉t҉h҉d҉a҉y҉ m҉o҉c҉h҉i҉ h҈a҈p҈p҈y҈ b҈i҈r҈t҈h҈d҈a҈y҈ m҈o҈c҈h҈i҈ h̸a̸p̸p̸y̸ b̸i̸r̸t̸h̸d̸a̸y̸ m̸o̸c̸h̸i̸ h⃠a⃠p⃠p⃠y⃠ b⃠i⃠r⃠t⃠h⃠d⃠a⃠y⃠ m⃠o⃠c⃠h⃠i⃠ h̺͆a̺͆p̺͆p̺͆y̺͆ b̺͆i̺͆r̺͆t̺͆h̺͆d̺͆a̺͆y̺͆ m̺͆o̺͆c̺͆h̺͆i̺͆ h͎a͎p͎p͎y͎ b͎i͎r͎t͎h͎ d͎a͎y͎ m͎o͎c͎h͎i͎ ዘልየየሃ ጌጎዪፕዘዕልሃ ጠዐርዘጎ h̶a̶p̶p̶y̶ b̶i̶r̶t̶h̶d̶a̶y̶ m̶o̶c̶h̶i̶

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  • happy birthday jimin ...be prosperous and siuccessful ...love from india ..

    Anchal BhattAnchal Bhatt14 päeva tagasi
  • Monsta X was performing follow while they were stretching

    Soham NayakSoham Nayak14 päeva tagasi
  • Little did they know covid 19 gonna hit us on 2020....

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