[BANGTAN BOMB] V-ianist's Recital - BTS (방탄소년단)

16 sept 2020
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  • Plot twist: Taehyung is actually a music actor and a pianist.

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  • Sarangaeheyo V oppa💚

    Manisha RaiManisha RaiPäev tagasi
  • omg i love him so much

    Vanessa RochaVanessa RochaPäev tagasi
  • Tae jajaja

    Celene Vera8Celene Vera8Päev tagasi
  • Nice

    Nisha ThakorNisha Thakor2 päeva tagasi
  • Pianist boy

    Tannie KimTannie Kim2 päeva tagasi
  • Multitalented tae 💜🥰

    Taekookies111Taekookies1112 päeva tagasi
  • V тэхен♡

    김マarmy김マarmy2 päeva tagasi
  • My beautiful TaeTae

    Lianne KylleLianne Kylle2 päeva tagasi
  • omgggggg

    jin bangtanjin bangtan3 päeva tagasi
  • his tune always like a ah... and that's why we more fall in love with him 🐯💗

    suraiya patelsuraiya patel4 päeva tagasi
  • この曲の完成形がミックステープで聴けるのかな?楽しみ💓💓💓💓

    みわこみわこ4 päeva tagasi
  • Ii love you V

    Syril RelletaSyril Relleta4 päeva tagasi
  • i love you

    Syril RelletaSyril Relleta4 päeva tagasi
  • Tae bbe te amo mucho nunca lo olvides:)

    Brisa RomeroBrisa Romero5 päeva tagasi
  • Te amooooooooo!!

    Teresa MontesTeresa Montes5 päeva tagasi
  • 테이Bluathy테이Bluathy5 päeva tagasi
  • My Bias is Taehyung 😍😘🥰💜

    Karla SaldiernaKarla Saldierna5 päeva tagasi
  • He's like a love song the more you heard it the more you loved it

    laya radilaya radi5 päeva tagasi
  • Love u soo much V❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Sweety BagumSweety Bagum6 päeva tagasi
  • 안녕하세요 여러분 안녕하세요

    awalia tussholichaawalia tussholicha6 päeva tagasi
  • Our precious angel ..

    Arohi AnniArohi Anni6 päeva tagasi
  • Taehyung oppa saranghae🥰💜💜

    Faiza TulFaiza Tul7 päeva tagasi
  • Dear parents if your kid is smiling watching his/her phone dont think they are talking to their boyfriend/girlfriend they are just watching Kim taehyung.

    love yourselflove yourself7 päeva tagasi
  • Wow tae

    Stan btstwiceStan btstwice8 päeva tagasi
  • I love you so much.

    fans_de _lyna9fans_de _lyna98 päeva tagasi
  • guess who's camera's is this?

    Kim TaehyungKim Taehyung8 päeva tagasi
  • What's the song in the back?

    Камилла НургалееваКамилла Нургалеева8 päeva tagasi
  • おいおい、どこまでかっこいいんだよ、、、ㅠㅠㅠ

    灰田そにっ子灰田そにっ子9 päeva tagasi
  • اوووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووف يجننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننننن

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  • BTS's upcoming album 'BE' will be released on November 20th! MV will be released on 2PM KST, 0AM EST..get ready!!

    MeyChiMeyChi10 päeva tagasi
  • círculo de invocación para que taetae toque el piano en sus canciones del mixtape, amén

    ッвιηη.ッвιηη.10 päeva tagasi
  • 넘 팬이에여! 제가팬인이유 진:아재개그가 웃기다 슈가:그냥 등치가 넘 차이나서 귀엽다 제이홉:활발하고 글구 나의 최애임 알엠:노래하는거 보고반함 지민:멋지게 꾸미고 무대할때 손가락 발견하면 기절 뷔:언제는 호랑이 언제는 귀여미 정국:걍 황금막내라서 좋음 방탄응원법:중독성 있어서 좋음

    품비르레품비르레10 päeva tagasi
  • V's face Works of art

    Apoorva TVKApoorva TVK10 päeva tagasi
  • Saxophone: 👁️👄👁️

    Devita K ZufarinaDevita K Zufarina10 päeva tagasi
  • Borahae my VitaSea Kim Taehyung💜💜💜

    Maria Yvonne GravadorMaria Yvonne Gravador10 päeva tagasi
  • 😂

    Maysoon AlnouriMaysoon Alnouri11 päeva tagasi
  • So innocent V

    Ayu SimatupangAyu Simatupang11 päeva tagasi
  • حلو

    Mouaker ImenMouaker Imen11 päeva tagasi
  • JinKookV

    Tanti JogjaTanti Jogja12 päeva tagasi
  • We are kurdish army

    BTS 2BTS 212 päeva tagasi
  • Wooooooooow Perfect👌👌👌👌👌👌❤

    هستی منصوریهستی منصوری13 päeva tagasi
  • I just love him. He is so handsome man in the whole world. I have never ever seen man like him, he is so attractive person I ever seen. I just can't believe how can a man is so gorgeous and beautiful like him. I love you KIM TAEHYUNG and I purple you💜💜💜. The reason I am watching BTS and their all activities because of taehyung. I love all of them but the main reason is I am so involve in them is only taehyung. I am so much attracted towards him. I love him so much.💜💜💜

    Kajal KambleKajal Kamble14 päeva tagasi
  • He is simply mesmerizing ....

    Arohi AnniArohi Anni14 päeva tagasi
  • what day is this from?

    Arathi ShanArathi Shan15 päeva tagasi
  • i would sit around all day and listen to that💖

    -Flogistona --Flogistona -15 päeva tagasi
  • He's so handsome

    ohanammiiohanammii16 päeva tagasi
  • I could have be the piano

    yokooneko yokoyokooneko yoko16 päeva tagasi
  • Seasons of Love弾いてたのかな??

    しろしろ17 päeva tagasi
  • It's nice to see you all again. I hope your doing well, stay safe

    teriyaki fried chickenteriyaki fried chicken18 päeva tagasi
  • I love you taehyung♡

    Nerlin Gallegos JiménezNerlin Gallegos Jiménez18 päeva tagasi
  • Por fin toman en cuenta a Taehyung

    Payasito affs ;;Payasito affs ;;18 päeva tagasi
  • てひょたんに切実にピアノ習いたい💖

    パクちみぃパクちみぃ18 päeva tagasi
  • Algerian dynamite

    Fareh JeonFareh Jeon19 päeva tagasi
  • Great pianist ever

    AppleApple19 päeva tagasi
  • V is so cute ❤😘 He plays it very nice... Heart Touching ❣

    Nidhi Shree SunshineNidhi Shree Sunshine19 päeva tagasi
  • Lindo

    laura blinklaura blink19 päeva tagasi
  • Multitalented king

    Grace NievesGrace Nieves19 päeva tagasi
  • Hola tae te amo

    Paola FloresPaola Flores19 päeva tagasi
  • كيوووت😂😭😭

    Jana HaydarJana Haydar19 päeva tagasi
  • Taehyung te amo!

    Ceci PerezCeci Perez20 päeva tagasi
  • V all in black and in curl hair 💜 Army:dead at the spot

    Ashwini RaviAshwini Ravi20 päeva tagasi
  • Tae Tae you guy's talented man

    WintWah Hlaing99WintWah Hlaing9920 päeva tagasi
  • Why do I think everything is cute?

    Keila_ Dias_AlmeidaKeila_ Dias_Almeida20 päeva tagasi
  • ❤💜

    Fiona ParmarFiona Parmar20 päeva tagasi
  • Love yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou Taehuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuung💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💕💕💕💕🇰🇷🇮🇷💜💜💜💜💜💜🇰🇷🇮🇷

    Hananeh AzadbarHananeh Azadbar20 päeva tagasi
  • Alot of love from Pakistan 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰🇵🇰 🇵🇰

    PariaParia20 päeva tagasi
  • كيوتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتت مرععععععععععععععععععععععع وربييييييييييييي حلوععععععععععععععععع مرررععععععععععع

    احب جيهوب عندك مانع لا سمح اللهاحب جيهوب عندك مانع لا سمح الله20 päeva tagasi
  • 엽떡먹다가 트윗 오랜만에 들어갔는데 이거 뜨길래 후다닥 달려와서 보니까 곰돌이가 피아노 뚱땅뚱땅 하고있음... 엽떡 치즈랑 떡 잘못삼켜서 지금 죽어가는중 꾀고닥

    윤진윤진20 päeva tagasi
  • Algerian dynamite

    oum amir koussaioum amir koussai21 päev tagasi
  • 2.7k dislikes are from those people who are trying to learn piano for years but still didn't learned and they got jealous by seeing V

    Samiksha SharmaSamiksha Sharma21 päev tagasi
  • Talented and Beautiful Kim Taehyung👑👑👑

    Mar PineMar Pine21 päev tagasi
  • im here before knowing that taekook has problems and I'm asking are they ok? *sorry my English is too bad

    Jessy naryJessy nary21 päev tagasi
    • Oh they are not as close as before despite what you see in In the Soop. When Tae has holidays, he meet his Wooga Squad brothers the most

      SNWBIC95SNWBIC9518 päeva tagasi
  • Wait wait wait wait was he playing seasons of love??????? Or am I being an idiot

    sundaymnzrsundaymnzr21 päev tagasi

    C G VC G V21 päev tagasi
  • V is born talented in everything he does

    K JonestownK Jonestown21 päev tagasi
  • Esa concentración ㅠㅠ

    Ginger BautistaGinger Bautista21 päev tagasi
  • He is so mesmerizing ...

    Arohi AnniArohi Anni21 päev tagasi
  • 🥺

    Jass OrdoñezJass Ordoñez21 päev tagasi
  • 왜 저런 행동하나하나가 이쁘지....아 미치겠다ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    오라버니김태형오라버니김태형21 päev tagasi
  • Taerin.

    Salwa Nur AiniSalwa Nur Aini21 päev tagasi
  • 뷔 피아니스트 🎹🎹🎹🎹

    김효순김효순21 päev tagasi
  • 💜💜

    •Kim Army••Kim Army•21 päev tagasi
  • Algerian dynamite

    Fareh KpopFareh Kpop21 päev tagasi
  • Why can't I see v smiling nowadays??? 😭😭

  • I love how the view outside the window reflects off the piano.

    NamXieNamXie22 päeva tagasi
  • 💜

    Yessica Solis •BTS  :3Yessica Solis •BTS :322 päeva tagasi
  • T- talented of course A- Ambitious E- Entertaining H- Humble Y- Young at heart U- Unique G- Gentelman

    Dr S S RAJDr S S RAJ22 päeva tagasi
  • Why are you looking so sad humm...

    MINI MINESMINI MINES22 päeva tagasi
  • His fingers are so beautiful

    KieraKiera22 päeva tagasi
  • Algerian dynamite

    Fareh AlgeriaFareh Algeria23 päeva tagasi
  • Our precious angel .. You're the most special ..

    Arohi AnniArohi Anni23 päeva tagasi
  • .......Ahhh!!!!! I am having no words to say....😍😍😍 V......

    SheetalSheetal23 päeva tagasi
  • Eu amo o bts pq o taehyung e meu utt😁ele eo Sol da minha vida amo ele d + o importante e que amo muito os meninos 💜💋😁💘

    Maria das Dores Reis ReisMaria das Dores Reis Reis23 päeva tagasi
  • napakagwapo grabe

    Kaezerin BonifacioKaezerin Bonifacio23 päeva tagasi
  • V is cool

    Giàu NgọcGiàu Ngọc23 päeva tagasi
  • فدوه للي مش عارف يعزف (≧∇≦)/★⌒ヽ(●^、^●)Kiss!

    김 사샤Kîm Sâshâ김 사샤Kîm Sâshâ24 päeva tagasi
  • Love you V😘

    V -AunzaV -Aunza24 päeva tagasi
  • Photographer: See Taehyung Also photographer: Oh it's Taehyung * zoom * 00:01

    ᏴᎬ - Jιᥒ hιt ᥣᥲbᥱᥣs •ᏴᎬ - Jιᥒ hιt ᥣᥲbᥱᥣs •24 päeva tagasi
  • Kim Taehyung oh boy .. you're just amazing no matter what ..

    Arohi AnniArohi Anni24 päeva tagasi