[BANGTAN BOMB] Jung Kook went to High school with BTS for graduation! - BTS (방탄소년단)

15 märts 2017
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  • ماشالله ملاك يمشي بينهم 🤧🥺💜

    Kim TEBAKim TEBA5 tundi tagasi
  • I can't believe their successful now!!💜 they really deserved what they are now they work really hard

    Paula Kathleen LustadoPaula Kathleen Lustado21 tund tagasi
  • sinkook

    ghevira alviani kamilaghevira alviani kamila23 tundi tagasi
  • 5:06 Kookie walking like a rich ceo and then at 5:12 literally saw someone whom he is scared of and bows with and awkward scared smile😘❤️❤️😂😂😂😂😂

    Basavaraj TalwarBasavaraj TalwarPäev tagasi
  • Idky but I find this very funny.

    BP FiestaBP FiestaPäev tagasi
  • I love you jungkook ,i love you jimin,i love you v, my cousin love v

    Lou Anne PuerioLou Anne PuerioPäev tagasi
  • What is bgm song..?

    Bhavna PatelBhavna Patel2 päeva tagasi
  • I actually understood one of the words he said. “FIINALYYYY”. That’s it.

    n͙a͙d͙i͙n͙a͙d͙i͙2 päeva tagasi
  • Jungkook visited the same resturant in this graduation day where they ate in entrance ceremony .back in 2014 anyone rememberd

    Nancy RanaNancy Rana2 päeva tagasi
  • Jungkook s uniform is very pretty

    DOLI KHATUNDOLI KHATUN2 päeva tagasi
  • keep streaming life goes on and dynamite

    Diana SiagianDiana Siagian3 päeva tagasi
  • Just imagine going to high school with bodyguards and camera persons all around you😂😂 💜💜

    Naina BordoloiNaina Bordoloi3 päeva tagasi
  • Thoes girls is so lucky who was jungkooks classmate,,,,, I'm so jealous!!

    Mithila,s Art & CraftsMithila,s Art & Crafts3 päeva tagasi
  • This story is just all about: *JEON JUNGKOOK AND HIS 6 DAD*

    MinMerci __ThechannelMinMerci __Thechannel3 päeva tagasi
  • Who else watching this after the Bts nominated Grammy🙋‍♂️

    Kim ElincaKim Elinca3 päeva tagasi
    • Me Wait that year they were going to perform for amas ryt?

      BP FiestaBP FiestaPäev tagasi
  • Jungkook will always be the babe of bts He is really cute babeKookKook

    Ei Mon SoeEi Mon Soe3 päeva tagasi
  • This is so cute coz this is years ago but yeah we're still here HAHAAHHAHA

    REE XYNREE XYN4 päeva tagasi
  • What is the song name they are singing 🎤

    Barani KgBarani Kg5 päeva tagasi
  • Didn’t understand anything but smiling wide

    Barani KgBarani Kg5 päeva tagasi
  • This is kid is now a Grammy Nominee💜

    Aishwarya RamanAishwarya Raman5 päeva tagasi
  • Kayak ada sinb sama umji

    Sumarni MarniSumarni Marni5 päeva tagasi
  • Jungkook looks very handsome than his other dresses❤️❤️😘😘💜💜💜

    Shital MasaneShital Masane5 päeva tagasi
  • Jungkook dress is more fashionable than my party dress jimin was looking jungkook's father💜

    Vaishnavi TiwariVaishnavi Tiwari6 päeva tagasi
  • jungkookie kiyowo

    Azika OnikaAzika Onika6 päeva tagasi
  • He grew up very fast 🤧 His uniform is on another level of amajin 💜💜

    다프니Dafni다프니Dafni6 päeva tagasi
  • V looks totally different when he wore that bonnet 😂

    Laham MahalLaham Mahal8 päeva tagasi
  • The only thing i understood is :- •Finallyyyy - 2:55 •My GrAduaTioN - 5:48 •Oh Jungkookie - 3:13 😂😂

    Netra DesaiNetra Desai8 päeva tagasi
  • hearing the song here 'graduation' really wants me cry

    Lhermie ZaideLhermie Zaide9 päeva tagasi
  • seeing these want me to cry. y'all would too if u really love them mostly Jungkook

    Lhermie ZaideLhermie Zaide9 päeva tagasi
  • I love his school uniform ..:)

    faizankhanfaizankhan9 päeva tagasi
  • Jungkook is very nice when he wore yellow dress

    saini sreeshylamsaini sreeshylam9 päeva tagasi
  • EEworld vid coming soonnnnn.

    Khaleda_ FarihinUwU.Khaleda_ FarihinUwU.9 päeva tagasi
  • I love it! :3

    Khaleda_ FarihinUwU.Khaleda_ FarihinUwU.9 päeva tagasi
  • jeon jungkook!!!

    AbigailAbigail9 päeva tagasi
  • 정국이 이때 진짜 아기 토끼같애ㅜㅠㅠㅠ🐰🐰

    뚜나뚜나9 päeva tagasi
  • Hyunjin was wear this uniform too

    • Why do have to bring up straykids

      Anahi MartinAnahi Martin6 päeva tagasi
  • Stream life goes on

    Najiya KhatunNajiya Khatun9 päeva tagasi
  • once a legend said that ' idk wht they are talking but lets laugh😂💜'

    raashi kashyapraashi kashyap9 päeva tagasi

    Ayu RenitaAyu Renita10 päeva tagasi
  • Jungkook can you make me bored when class and watch ir vid?

    jonathan juanjonathan juan10 päeva tagasi
  • 노랭이 교복이 이렇게나 찰떡이라니

    킹수달킹수달10 päeva tagasi

    Betty JimenezRBetty JimenezR10 päeva tagasi
  • 3 years before graduation BTS brought JK to high school for acceptance -- nobody recognized or knew them that time, they looked like regular teens among those ppl, but now at graduation - they are stars and looking cool and now there is recognition -- thay have covered so much in just 3 years, legendary boys...

    SaNuSaNu10 päeva tagasi
  • Mis ojos fueron bendecidos por jimin

    Tracy Anton CisnerosTracy Anton Cisneros11 päeva tagasi
  • I was confused that is it a school or a fashion show Only army would understand the above lines

    Shweta GaurShweta Gaur11 päeva tagasi
  • Lucu bgttttt bayikkk 💜

    anni johananni johan11 päeva tagasi
  • kookie looks so cute awww

    CX.CX.12 päeva tagasi
  • Jikook eye contact game is damn strong

    Isuri GoonewardenaIsuri Goonewardena12 päeva tagasi
  • I can squash him to death he’s so cute

    Isuri GoonewardenaIsuri Goonewardena12 päeva tagasi
  • Cuántos años tenía cuando se Graduó?,

    Leveron GuevaraLeveron Guevara12 päeva tagasi
  • 2018:i can understand 2020:tommorow i go to school in korean leagues

    Elvie leen LimElvie leen Lim12 päeva tagasi
  • 2:17 옆에 여자친구 신비 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    코카콜라코카콜라13 päeva tagasi
  • 2:20 - 2:25 if that what u're looking for 👍

    Talia WigalaTalia Wigala13 päeva tagasi
  • ah so cute omg

    adilene cantoradilene cantor13 päeva tagasi
  • Wait jungkook graduated at 20?

    Mermedia45Mermedia4513 päeva tagasi
    • In Korea, graduation ceremony is held in February of the following year after the third year of high school. That’s why he graduates at the age of 20.

      Hyejung AnHyejung An13 päeva tagasi
  • Camera- "Exists" Jin- "Blows kisses" 😆😆😆😆😆😆

    Sumaiya MouSumaiya Mou13 päeva tagasi
  • tttttttttttttttt

    blackpinck jisooblackpinck jisoo14 päeva tagasi
  • is there any video or photo of taehyung and jimin's graduation? I would love to see that .. they are my favorites. I love that friendship.

    Sady RivarolaSady Rivarola14 päeva tagasi
  • Baby ARMY??? Welcome~ English subtitles? sometimes we have, sometimes we don't HAHAHAHAA

    Mikaela LuceroMikaela Lucero14 päeva tagasi
  • Well, if this was jungkook's graduation, where is jimin and Tae's graduation video in 2015 everyone!!!

    Sandhya BaindurSandhya Baindur15 päeva tagasi
  • All the girls around JK is pretty... damn what school did JK go to, a celeb trainee school?

    Robert LiRobert Li15 päeva tagasi
  • high school JK does not look like a high schooler

    Grace KimGrace Kim15 päeva tagasi
  • Me not understanding a little word But enjoying. We love u bts

    Uttam ChhetriUttam Chhetri15 päeva tagasi
  • Kookie baby....party dress waz amazing...❤️😎😎😎😎n it's really grt dat kookie grown up with BTS members...n mostly he grown up with his idol....it's just amazing....❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Moumita WatsonMoumita Watson15 päeva tagasi
  • Miss🥺❤️

    Sinta AliSinta Ali15 päeva tagasi
  • finally~

    Roann PañerRoann Pañer15 päeva tagasi
  • 2:22 omg there is sinb & umji too anyways bighit lables

    YebinYebin16 päeva tagasi
  • me watching this and only understand "finallyyyy!!"

    Marie AñoverMarie Añover16 päeva tagasi
  • I miss this moments🥺

    What do you want?What do you want?16 päeva tagasi
  • Bts

    kore kpop army kore kpop armykore kpop army kore kpop army16 päeva tagasi
  • JK in 2017: look cute JK in 2020: looking so handsome

    Sabana SangharSabana Sanghar16 päeva tagasi
  • Jungkook's classmates are so lucky...cause they met a Sweet, kind and loving person and they also met THE BEST BOY BAND💜💜💜

    Angelica MabalotAngelica Mabalot17 päeva tagasi
  • 멋진

    Sela melani MelaniSela melani Melani17 päeva tagasi
  • It’s been 3 years ....... 🥺 AND THERE IS STILL NO SUBTITLES

    K-POP StanK-POP Stan17 päeva tagasi
  • 2:20 who else has those straps with buttons on their shoulders as part of the school uniform 😂 I never quite get the reason for it

    Carrot BeanCarrot Bean17 päeva tagasi
  • Everyone : bring parents Kookiee : lets bring the whole Bighit company 😂

    masaramasara17 päeva tagasi
  • Congratulations jk

    Houda MourabitHouda Mourabit17 päeva tagasi
  • 2:19 sinB and yuju?

    MoniqueMonique17 päeva tagasi
  • To think he only graduated high school 3 years ago.. this boy growing so fast!!! 🥰

    msnick87msnick8718 päeva tagasi
  • I don't know why but I am crying😢😢😭😭😭

    Nadia KhanamNadia Khanam18 päeva tagasi
  • Jimin: walking in like an actual dad The rest of them: ayyyyy wassup so where do we go

    Avleen RandhawaAvleen Randhawa18 päeva tagasi
  • 2:54😍

    BTS Army foreverBTS Army forever18 päeva tagasi
  • y yo viendo esto en pleno 2020. realmente estoy orgullosa de jk y todo lo que ha logrado 💗 Es tan hermoso (yo diciendo esto cuando el es mayor que yo jsjs) pero si que lindo💜

  • que lindo uniforme le da a jungkook ese uniforme muy bien que lindo sebe tierno😄😄

    Jhilda RodriguezJhilda Rodriguez18 päeva tagasi
  • the girl beside jungkook when they were at the stage is so pretty,,, i wonder if she's a fan

    mj talosigmj talosig18 päeva tagasi
  • Baruu ngeh yaang di pinggir jk duduk ada sinb ama umji

    Riani putriRiani putri19 päeva tagasi
  • 정국이도 학교에서 짝사랑 했나..?

    전정국전정국19 päeva tagasi
  • When your friends attend on your graduation but they wore like they attend a fashion show

    angel armyangel army19 päeva tagasi
  • 💜❤🐰💥❤💜🦋🦄🍀🙏

    Калинка ИлиеваКалинка Илиева19 päeva tagasi
  • It's only been three years!? He's baby for real🥺

    RebekahRebekah19 päeva tagasi
  • The title: English The caption: Korean Me: International Army Hotel: Trivago

    Banita MohantyBanita Mohanty19 päeva tagasi
  • jungkook so cute 😭 1:12

    sahmedsahmed19 päeva tagasi
  • Aw

    amran307amran30720 päeva tagasi
  • ILOVEYOUBTS😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😇😇😇

    Adu RaisaAdu Raisa20 päeva tagasi
  • I can only understand FINALLY 😂 love love bts

    bharti Ranabharti Rana20 päeva tagasi
  • FINALLY!!!!!!

    Be DynamicBe Dynamic20 päeva tagasi
  • Taekookers:OMG!It's like Tae proposing Kookie with flowers:)

    Tae'sTae's20 päeva tagasi
  • Gemoy

    Arsasi BeningArsasi Bening21 päev tagasi
  • SinB is there too?

    Army & BlinkArmy & Blink21 päev tagasi
    • Yup

      Lee SungkyungLee Sungkyung21 päev tagasi
  • This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

    Layan MLayan M21 päev tagasi